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Obstetric Services

Dr Foda has extensive experience and Knowledge to enable an outstanding level of care for you and your baby. The same degree of care and attention will be given whether you have a straight forward antenatal course and normal delivery, a complicated pregnancy or require a complex operative delivery.

Bookings can be made from early stages of pregnancy or later on for those prefer to come for delivery only. Appointments can be made by phone or by email where our friendly staff will guide you through the booking and answer any of your questions

Following this Dr Foda will see you approximately every 4 weeks up to 28 weeks, fortnightly from 28 to 36 weeks and then weekly until the baby is born.

Choice of Hospital

As a patient of Dr Foda you can select from two hospitals for your birth, and choose the environment and facilities that best meet your requirements.
These are the : Wagga Wagga Base Hospital or Calvary Riverina Hospital

Prepregnancy counselling

If you are thinking about having a baby, this is the perfect time to see Dr Foda for pre-pregnancy advice.

If you experienced complications in your previous pregnancies (pre-eclampsia, small and restricted growth babies, premature birth, recurrent miscarriage and still birth) or Pre-existing medical conditions such as Diabetes, raised blood pressure, Kidney disease, epilepsy, other neurological and clotting disorder then an antenatal care plan tailored to your individual circumstances will give you the best chance at successful pregnancy.

Post-natal care

Evidence shows that women who receive postnatal care are less likely to suffer from postnatal depression and are more likely to continue breast feeding. In the days after your birth, Dr Foda will visit you in the hospital to ensure your recovery and that you are getting all the support you need. 

These initial days are perfect to take advantage of the services offered by the hospitals such as breast feeding assistance. It is important that you feel confident and ready to take your baby home. Dr Foda will see you back in his rooms in 6 week’s time to check that you have recovered and see how you are coping with new motherhood, perform cervical screen and discuss options for contraception.

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